Deltami is a company driven by dreams. We find great satisfaction in what we do. To design and create products with the most high-tech materials and process methods available is simply fun. It took us years to buy all these equipment, decades of experience to have the skills to find all tricks and to make everything work so well.

470 MPa

Aluminium (2024-T351)

655 MPa

Steel (980X)

1193 MPa

Titanium (Ti - 10V - 2Fe - 3Al)

4.900 MPa

Carbon Raw Fiber / Cured (T700 UD)


All of our products are hand built and quality controlled with various types of methods and testing.

  • We build our products with...80%

We build our products with great care and proud.

Share our passion and enjoy the same satisfaction we get when we see so much effort and professional care put in a single piece of product. Want to learn more? Come and talk to our team. We will be more than happy to assist you any way we can!